Module Benefits:

  • Effectively gather important client profile details and turn information into opportunities
  • Streamline data gathering and application completion to comply with requirements
  • Ensure compliance with disclosure requirements
  • Automatically risk rate accounts and client relationships

This Know Your Customer/ Client onboarding module will eliminate obstacles allowing you to remain compliant without jeopardizing the quality of the onboarding process of your customer. The use of the automated system has immediate operational efficiencies (like reduction in time opening the account, going paperless, etc.) and will also have long-term benefits such as significant reduction in risk.

We recognize that organizations demonstrate a client-centric focus at the time of onboarding in order to secure a competitive advantage. Inefficiency in this process can lead to client attrition and missed opportunities for growth given that 75% of cross-sell opportunities occur within the first 90 days of a new client relationship. Global RADAR® greatly reduces clients’ negative reactions during the onboarding process dramatically improving the relationship with your organization moving forward. The information gathered by the Global RADAR® onboarding process (through direct input, automated integration or importing from CIF systems for existing customers) allows you to understand each client. This enables you to cross-sell products and services centered on key factors such as net worth and whom the client does business with therefore opening opportunities for the acquisition of new clients. Based on research by the Javelin Strategy & Research report, the average cost to set up and maintain a new account manually can cost up to 20 times more than computer-assisted, electronic document processing.

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