Export Management & Ecommerce.

Global RADAR’s Export Management screening solutions provides a flexible and cost-effective approach to designing a compliance screening program for your specific business, industry and compliance requirements. Whether you need to design a program to address the challenges of high volumes and protecting end-user experiences from e-commerce or to design a program that screens against embargoed and sanctioned countries, vessels and aircrafts, Global RADAR can help.


Global RADAR enables you to implement an automated screening process to minimize the impact of compliance on operations. Moreover, we provide easy access for ad-hoc screening via our web-portal or through our mobile interface. Global RADAR’s advanced algorithms and fuzzy logic enable you to configure your solution to reflect your risk tolerance while balancing the impact of compliance on operations. We specifically designed Global RADAR with the goal of optimizing the rate potential matches or false positives, so that you do not waste money clearly potential matches that do not mitigate your risk.

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