U.S. Banking Compliance Handbook.

A guide about industry regulations and risk assessment for banking professionals

Financial institutions are under mounting pressure to remain compliant with increasingly strict anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing regulations. Legislation like the Bank Secrecy Act in the U.S., along with many other statutes worldwide, compel organizations to perform more rigorous due diligence when on-boarding new clients and have a thorough understanding of every customer relationship. This Handbook covers all the necessities of banking compliance while keeping the information concise and straightforward.

Topics covered include:

  • The hurdles organizations are facing due to weak client data, leading to significant regulatory penalties and requirements to increase staff.
  • Importance of comprehensive client profiles and having effective systems in place to capture new client information.
  • Necessity of ensuring transaction activity is consistent with client suitability profiles and having processes in place to detect when it is not.
  • The penalties and costs of failure to implement an effective compliance program.
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