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Accelerate the account opening process and ongoing list check reviews.

Leading financial services brands choose Global RADAR®

As the overall landscape of the finance and trade world markets continue to evolve, the need for constant monitoring of individual activity has become increasingly necessary.


The Complete Solution for Watch List Review and Sanctions Screening

The Global RADAR® Watch List solution accelerates account opening and ongoing list check and sanctions screening review processes. We simplify name screening for anti-money laundering and sanctions screening, enabling organizations to manage a variety of regulatory requirements through manual data entry or automation.


Unlimited Ways to Perform Watch List Screening

The Global RADAR® solution provides comprehensive screening that can be configured and deployed quickly and easily, allowing you to customize workflows along with offering a complete case management tool to simplify the alert generation, routing and clearing processes.

  • Screening against SDN (OFAC), sanction and PEP lists
  • Search exact match as well as fuzzy matching (similar sounding words) along with variations matching (for example: Jonathan Wellsmith, Nat Smith, Jonathan Smith)
  • Exclude search terms to reduce false positives
  • Multi-field matching that includes name, multi-name, entities, vessels, DOB, tax numbers, ID’s
  • Real-time screening through manual data entry
  • Batch processing from Excel and CSV files
  • Automatic information extraction and screening from PDF files
  • False positive suppression
  • Real-time screening of transaction details for trade finance, lending, funds transfers and SWIFT messages
  • Integration with the email system for automatic notifications on new matches
  • Workflow process on list screening results
  • Automated list update
  • Comprehensive audit trail detailing all interactions

Extract Information from Image Files, PDF Files, and Scanned Documents

Our data extraction capabilities utilize the power of optical character recognition (OCR) to increase the speed and efficiency of screening and monitoring operations. OCR document scanning technology empowers Global RADAR® software to extract information from image files, PDF files, and scanned documents and convert it into data that is able to be stored, edited, and retrieved systematically at the click of a button.

Fines are getting larger and organizations are terminating business relationships to minimize their exposure to the risk of financial crime while trying to maintain compliance with increasingly complex regulations.  

Let Global RADAR® be your trusted solution to help you comply with regulatory compliance expectations and industry best practices.


Additionally to the Global RADAR® software we are offering a middleware technology. Our API can be used to leverage existing applications to provide access to sanction lists.

  • The Global RADAR® Sanctions API consolidates all sanctions lists providing immediate access in a single data feed
  • Our API’s give you access to the stored data and also allows you to build your own integrations for performing sanctions screening
  • Check new clients as part of the onboarding process
  • Check for updates to all sanctions lists, perform regular repeat checks on existing clients or check transaction originators or beneficiaries.
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